Omaiki O Sleep Dimple Diaper


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Our new BAMBOO dimple diaper is NOW available!

You will be amazed! This night time diaper is perfect for parents who need a one and only nighttime solution!

Made of a soft and extremely absorbent bamboo dimple. This fitted diaper is made bigger than the flannel Ö Sleep.

What's on the Package?


  • Do NOT use fabric softeners.
  • Do NOT use bleach or stain remover products.
  • Do NOT wash in sanitize cycle.
  • Do NOT use creams containing zinc, shea butter, lanolin, mineral oil, bees-wax or petroleum jelly.
  • Use a compatible soap (no additives)
  • If you have a frontload machine, get information at your retailer or from the manufacturer on how to use your machine with reusable diapers.
  • Make sure to clean your washing machine before you start using cloth diapers.

Before first use:

  • Wash your diapers 3-4 times in hot water.
  • Dry your diapers completely in the dryer, to strengthen fibers and seams.

Daily routine:

  • Dump solids into toilet.
  • Store diapers ina  wet-bag or diaper pail.
  • Do NOT soak or rinse soiled diapers.
  • Do NOT store soiled diapers with washcloths or wet wipes.
  • Wash diapers every 2-3 days.
  • Recommended washing routine: rinse (cold), wash (warm/hot), rinse (warm), dry (medium)
  • Use a minimal amount of detergent and a larger volume of water.
  • We recommend loads of 18 diapers
  • The best is to use both clothes line and dryer
  • It is very important to have diapers machine dried on a regular basis (once every 4-6 washes)

Absorption: 70% bamboo rayon, 30% organic cotton
Exterior: 100% cotton flannel
Inner lining: 100% polyester

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