Homestead Emporium UltiMini (Heavy)

Homestead Emporium

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Super soft, hand dyed, bamboo velour tops, with high-quality, lightweight, waterproof fleece backing.

Homestead Emporium's UltiMini pad has been designed specifically for those who love our Ultimate style pads, with the ultimate coverage of the wrap-around wings and wider front and back. However, the Ulti-Mini is a Mini-Me version of our HUGE Ultimax Pad.

Great for heavy flow days, nights, and postpartum
Made for those who want the Ultimate coverage of our Ultimax Pad, in a shorter length, trimmer pad, and narrower size.

You won't believe how comfortable this pad is for such great coverage and absorbency.

All our pads are AIO (All-In-One) Style. No fuss, just wash and dry like any other laundry! We use only natural bamboo and/or cotton inside our pads, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

• wider at the back than the front
• wrap around wings

Length: 12.5"
Width (Snap Setting): 3.75"
Width (Trim Snap Setting): 3.25"
Organic Cotton Fleece Backing: No
Windpro Backing: Yes
PUL Backing: No


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