A great Omaiki 3.0 Hybrid Review by Chelsea C.

This diaper can be used as a AIO, 2IO and ...pocket diaper.

With 3 x 2 adjustable snaps in the rise this diaper can be used from newborn all the way to toddler. There are 2 different options for the waist, aplix and snaps. I will be reviewing the aplix style. The diaper works well with the omaki evolutive bambo liner, which I was given as well. The diaper itself has a outer waterproof PUL lining. The Inside has athletic jersey wick fabric which acts to repel moisture and keep baby nice and dry. There is a elastic band in the waist at the rear which acts to make the diaper fit nice and snug in the waist and as well double gussets in the legs.

There are 2 openings, one at the front and one at the rear, which works excellent when using the diaper as a pocket diaper, as there is no need to remove the liner before washing. There are also 2 snaps at the front of the inner diaper which you can attach the liner too. As a AIO, this diaper works great! The insert is nice and long which allows you to fold it 2,3 or even 4 times so that your can get the perfect coverage. As well is Has a second smaller liner that attaches to the larger one and provides extra coverage when used in the pocket setting.

My preference for this diaper was using it as either a AIO or pocket, pocket being primarily used for overnights. It has ample amounts of space which allows you to stuff it with even more liners as well without compromising the diapers structure. As a AI2, and for us as we have a very active 19 month old, I found that it just didn't work for us as the liner itself tended to bunch up causing the inner liner to soil. Also I wasnt overly found of the aplix style as my daughter was able to easily free herself. Final thoughts: This diaper is the ultimate in easiness and mommy friendliness.

Being able to use it in the different ways also made it super family and babysitter friendly. Washing this diaper was a breeze too as we never had to remove the liner because it worked itself out in the wash. This is probably the most versatile and easy to use cloth diaper I have had to date. I highly recommend it!

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